Pasteur Labs


Institute for Simulation Intelligence

What if scientific and societal progress is fundamentally limited by human knowledge and bias? It turns out we can build machine intelligence capable of accelerating through these bottlenecks in myriad domains from particle physics to socioeconomics. What if machines could make Nobel-caliber discoveries in an automated way? It turns out we can build technologies that synergize simulation and artificial intelligence to achieve "Nobel-Turing" challenges.

We are a new type of venture (a new "focused research organization"), as our mission is not efficiently achieved through existing models and mechanisms in industry, academia, or government. To this end we are two sister companies: Pasteur Labs and ISI. The former is a venture-backed, public benefit corporation. The latter is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Both pursue open-science in simulation intelligence towards advancing science and society.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

SIMULATION INTELLIGENCE entails the study of complex, dynamic systems and processes in silico, reasoning over multiple scales and multiple physics, incorporating mechanistic and data-driven models in rich testbeds, towards the understanding and discovery of in situ causal, complex, collective, emergent, and open-ended phenomena.

We are team of industry-hardened experts in computational sciences and AI, developing the fundamental technologies and workflows to drive real-world systems and users in key ways: causal discovery, counterfactual reasoning and decision-making, human-machine teaming, dynamic policies and strategies, online optimization, uncertainty quantification and propagation, optimal design and inverse problem solving. Our in silico playgrounds further provide novel AI/ML testing, verification-validation, and interpretability.

More details coming late 2021.